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You have been an ever constant source of calm and candor, both of which were invaluable during this process.

-Shelly and Ben

Julia has such a wonderful new sense of confidence and I’m sure that the skills she has acquired, thanks to you, will benefit her in many ways in the future.


Thanks for always keeping believing I can do it! You’re a great support!


Words cannot really express the depth of our gratitude to you for your work on behalf of Ben. You were teacher and mentor and a powerful influence in his life. It’s hard getting used to not seeing you each week!


Thanks for your patience and sticking with Sami and the constantly changing moods and modes of an interesting adolescent.


Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough feedback. You have been extremely helpful in this process, and both Richie and we are grateful for our good fortune of being placed in your hands.


Thank you for the help provided my daughter that made it possible for her to be accepted by her first choice school.


Dennis would not have been where he is today without the help you gave him


Christian was accepted in to all the colleges he applied to. He was offered academic along with a sports scholarship. He is basically being paid to go to school.


Just wanted to let you know that we just submitted Jack's enrollment deposit to Carnegie Mellon. It was a long road, but we're extremely happy where Jack ended up. Thanks so much for your guidance, your tutoring, and all the opportunities that you gave Jack to improve his test-taking skills and his confidence.


Again, thanks for helping us survive the college admissions process.


CATES will match your child with someone who fits right and who can get the ideas across. They come to your home and each session is 90 minutes so there is enough time to go over the home work, work on weaknesses and learn something new. Worth the money


This is just to let you know how muchPhilippe and I have appreciated the way in which you have tutored Mimi.You managed to teach her to work with more focus, precision and better timing and to be less nervous.
She gained practice and confidence and the results have been stunning!Now she can calmly relax and go into the summer, knowing she has reached the kind of SAT scores she needs to apply to her favorite Colleges.


I just want to say thank you for all of the work you did with Lucas on his essays. We thought you were fantastic. Your comments were always helpful and you infused the process with a positive quality that I think really helped him keep going. Also, I know that sometimes there was not a lot of turn around time on the essays and you always came through. Quite rankly, I can not imagine the nightmare this process would have been without your help. All of Lucas's experiences at CATES have been immensely helpful and positive.


Owen called me after the session.He said ... "it was really fun" I don't know what you did but he is really looking forward to the course, this is nothing short of a miracle!He says that you are a fantastic teacher and that you made it fun to learn!Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"Your work with Chris goes well beyond test prep, as we see a new positive change in demeanor, in confidence, and in personality, from a young man of little ambition to someone excited about both college and the future."


He felt really good about getting stuff done and last night he told me that he and David were talking about how everyone at the CATES workshop really seemed to care about the work and about everyone's essay and how different that was from doing it at school. I thought that was a really great compliment for CATES. Lucas also said that you were a lot of fun! So, thank you.



I wanted to let you know that Grace mailed off her early application to Yale this week. Thank you so much for your help with her essays. Her final product was much improved thanks to your working with her. I know she really appreciated your help. Mark and I are both very grateful that you have developed such a good relationship with Grace and that you know her well enough to be able to push her in her writing process so that she can take it to the next level.Phew..
Thanks for helping Daniel through this process -he and all of us are very lucky to have you.


You have been absolutely fantastic with Jennifer. Thank you so much for all your help, advice and support. As you probably know, she rec'd her last subject test score - 650 in physics, after 740 on math subject test and strong SAT scores as well. And she is in great shape on her college application process having gotten set up during your week long session in August. Even her grades have continued to pull up, with a 3.74 at midterms, after a 3.5 last year and a 2.9 in freshman and sophomore year. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, she is HAPPY! You have given her strategies and approaches to make her successful and self-confident and have so helped to keep the pressure down and perspective broad in an inordinately insanely pressured time in her life.
I can't thank you enough,

-Mary Ann


My tutor is more than knowledgeable. She is an indispensible resource and guide.

-Rajiv (Touro Law)

The bar exam is such a daunting process, it was a great comfort to know that there was someone who not only graded my work but could answer all my questions no matter how silly.

-Kenneth (Cardoza Law)


Thank you for all your help and advice. We are very grateful that you are able to help Olga as she has set her heart on going to study in the states.



It is a blessing to have had Elizabeth benefit from your work in so many respects. Remember her deep issues with math? So now as a rising junior she is majoring in applied math, in the Engineering school, is premed, and made dean’s list. The triumph is shared with the patient groundwork you did with her many years ago. She realizes that she is LD, has to seek out certain types of help, that it is no barrier to extraordinary performance, and that she is to be proud of her overcoming her psychological sense of being “less smart” than others.
You rocked her world. I can’t thank you enough.


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