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SAT II Test Prep

The SAT Subject tests are multiple-choice exams which each focus on a specific subject within the areas of English, math, history, foreign languages, and science.

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The What, When and Why of the SAT IIs: Subject Test Prep

There are 20 tests; each 60 minutes long and scored from 200-800. These tests provide colleges with more information about an applicant’s skills and specialties.

Why Should I Take SAT Subject Tests?

SAT II Test Prep NYWell…for one, because you might have to. Many colleges recommend or require that you take two subjects tests (only a few top-tier schools require you to take three), and some even specify which tests you should take. You may already have some idea of where you’d like to go to college, or at least a list of schools in which you are interested. If so, you should certainly go online and find out what the schools ask for—they may require or recommend that you take two, or three, or none; they may require them if you take the SAT I, but not if you take the ACT. If you’re not certain to which colleges you’ll apply, it’s worthwhile to think about taking these tests, so that you’ll have those scores in your pocket when the time comes to make application decisions, and you can keep your options open.

Another major reason to do the SAT subject test prep work and take SAT IIs has to do with how you present yourself to colleges. While most standardized tests are one-size-fits-all, these tests allow you to choose which sides of yourself you’d like to highlight and really showcase your skills and talents. Which brings us to a question we hear from students all the time:

Which SAT II Subject Tests Should I Take?

Well, what do you want to show off? What interests might you want to pursue in college? When you’re choosing which SAT subject tests to take, you need to think about what package you’re presenting to colleges—which subject tests will present you in the best, most interesting and unique light? For some, that might be sciences; for others (especially those who grew up in a bi-lingual household), a language might be a good choice.

When Should I Take SAT II Subject Tests?

Most SAT subject tests are offered on all of the official SAT II test dates (October, November, December, January, May, and June), but some are only offered several times a year (like the language tests with listening portions, which are only offered in November). Since many of these tests correspond with subjects students study in school, students often choose to take SAT subject tests in May or June, when the year’s coursework is still fresh in their minds and they may already be studying for finals.

The CATES Approach to SAT II Subject Tests

Our subject test prep programs begin, like all of our test prep programs, with a diagnostic test. From there, we devise a customized study plan – complete with specifically chosen test prep materials geared towards the individual student’s needs – and teach students the content and strategies to maximize their score. For more information on preparing for specific tests, please select one of the following subject areas:

  • English Literature
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Languages

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