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For the aspiring doctor, the MCAT is a necessary stop on the road to medical school and a career in medicine. The number of medical school applicants continues to rise every year, and students hoping to attend a top program will find that a competitive MCAT score is increasingly important.

Mock Test Dates:

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NYC (Start time: 10AM)


Brooklyn (Start time: 10AM)


Westchester (Start time: 10AM)


Philadelphia (Start time: 10AM)


New Jersey (Start time: 10AM)


London (Start time: Thursdays at 4PM, Sundays at 11AM)


Brussels (Start time: 10AM or 4PM)


Zurich (Start time: 10AM)







All tests will be offered 

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A Personalized Approach to MCAT Test Prep

Most students preparing for the MCAT are either full-time students or full-time working professionals. In either case, we understand that making time for MCAT test prep is not always a simple proposition.

At CATES, we build a MCAT test prep program around you and your schedule. Our one-on-one MCAT private tutors come to where you are, and map out a customized MCAT test prep program that addresses your specific needs and academic goals. With years of experience in medical school admissions, our team of private tutors and admissions experts will lead you through every step of the process, from your first free MCAT practice test forward.

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