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Private Tutoring and Test Prep:
Finding The Right Fit

At CATES, we believe that the tutor-student relationship is vital to the success of a tutoring or test prep program

One-on-One Tutoring: A Tailor-Made Program

Tests are standardized; students are not. It makes sense, then, that a pre-fabricated, standardized test prep program can only go so far towards addressing a particular student’s needs. In all of our tutoring programs—private tutoring, group tutoring, and test prep classes in NYC, Westchester and Long Island—we take great care to tailor every program to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. However, only one-on-one tutoring allows us to provide each of our clients with a truly custom-built test prep program that fits them (and their already-busy schedules) perfectly. For this reason, private, one-on-one tutoring is, in our experience, the best choice for many students.

A private tutoring program begins with a diagnostic test and a conversation with our Director of Client Services. We analyze the student’s needs, goals, personality, and learning style to uncover his or her strengths and weaknesses. Next, we match the student with one of our expert tutors. The tutor puts together a plan of study, using the test prep resources best suited to the individual student. Over the course of the test prep program, the student will meet with their tutor at least once a week, usually for 90 minutes at a time. Students are expected to complete the homework assigned by their tutor. As the test date approaches, students are expected to take free mock tests with us, which give the student an opportunity to apply the new skills and strategies they are learning. These practice tests also allow the tutor to monitor the student’s progress, and adjust the program according to the student’s changing needs.

Customized matching

Students come to us from as close as Tribeca, Park Slope, Scarsdale and Cedarhurst, and as far as London and Greece, and every student is different. All students have their own unique personality and learning style, and finding the right tutor—a tutor with whom they are comfortable; who can motivate them in the way they need and best respond to; who really “gets” them—is crucial. All of our tutors are talented, flexible, and more than capable of adapting their tutoring style to the student with whom they are working. However, just like with teachers or coaches, every student will respond better to some tutors than to others. At CATES, we believe that the tutor-student relationship is vital to the success of a tutoring or test prep program, and we place great importance on finding the right match for each of our clients. Once we have selected a tutor, we offer the client a free private consultation, to introduce the student and his or her family to the tutor, and make sure they agree that it’s the right fit.

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