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ENVISION is the only test prep company using trained certified Learning Specialists who design a customized program to meet each of their student’s needs.

ENVISION Specialists implement a multi-sensory approach geared towards each individual’s innate strength of learning.

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ENVISION Specialities Include:
  • Dsylexia
  • Executive Functioning
  • Language Processing
  • Memory Deficits
  • Non-Verbal LD
  • Perceptual Organization
  • Reading Fluency
  • Visual Motor Integration

The ENVISION Program

ENVISION is the only tutoring company in New York City, Westchester or Long Island using trained certified Learning Specialists who design a customized test prep program to meet each of their student's needs.  Specialists carefully implement a personalized program using a multi-sensory approach geared towards each individual's innate strength of learning.  ENVISION specialists are successful in meeting the content, strategic, and test-taking needs of each of their students, allowing them to maximize their natural potential and to succeed in any testing situation.

ENVISION specialists are trained to work with a multitude of learning differences that may interfere with cognition, organization skills, retention of content, and processing speed.  Programs begin with a free diagnostic test and expert analysis of the student's performance. Based on the results, our Head Learning Specialist coordinates with the student's matched tutor to create a customized course of study in preparation for the student's full schedule of standardized tests: SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, et al, as appropriate.  Introduction of content and test-taking strategies are carefully applied to ease anxiety or difficulty that may inhibit students from meeting their goals.  For students who mainly struggle with processing, unlike regular tutors, learning specialists provide time-tested strategies to improve speed and efficiency, which increases test scores, at times beyond expectations.

Whatever the circumstances, the Learning Specialists lead the student through his or her program, maintaining consistent communication and dialogue with the Head Learning Specialist as the student's needs evolve.  Progress is tracked and quantified through regularly scheduled mock tests over the course of the student's development and reported to the parent.  The ENVISION Executive Director ensures that the communication among the student, parent, Learning Specialist, and executive support staff remains clear in order to help the student best succeed.

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