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CATES in the Community

At CATES, our mission is to provide clients in NYC, Westchester, Long Island and abroad with the tools and resources they need to transform their lives. We strongly adhere to this philosophy. Our diverse range of test prep and tutoring services are built upon it, but as we see it, it can’t end there. To this end, CATES has created a number of active initiatives which can help our communities thrive.

In order to effect positive change in the world around us, we as in our Leadership Services (Scholarships, our Teacher Advantage program, our informational presentations which demystify the college admissions process), our Green Book Recycling (where we re-appropriate our vast resources in ways that help underprivileged students as well as the environment), and our active and expanding role in the New York City arts community (both by directly funding cultural advancement and by supporting creative and driven individuals). We are fully committed to making a difference, and we are always looking for new ways to become more involved in the communities we serve.

Click here for a comprehensive list of areas in which CATES provides one-on-one in person tutoring.

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