What is Super Scoring?

What is Super Scoring on the SAT Test? How can it help me?

Over time, the College Board and the college admissions officers have made their approach to the SAT Test more flexible. In an effort to allow students to show themselves off at their best, the College Board and college admissions officers have allowed them to highlight their best efforts on the SAT Test. This began with the College Board’s re-introduction of score choice in 2008, whereby students could elect to send or withhold their SAT Test score after seeing the results. This eliminated the stressful gamble of trying to guess how you did on the SAT Test and if you wanted the world to see that score before you knew the results.

Furthermore, taking after a practice that college admissions officers employ themselves, you now have the informal flexibility to consider your SAT Test results through the awesome lens of Super Scoring. Super Scoring involves taking the highest section scores from multiple SAT Test sittings and creating a composite. Although the College Board itself does not take on this practice, unlike score choice, it has become commonplace in the college admissions process. The common application even has a section now where you can super score your tests.

Super Scoring works as follows: Let us say you took the SAT Test in March and scored 600 on Critical Reading, 650 on Math, and 550 on Writing, for a composite SAT Test score of 1800. Then, let’s say you took the SAT Test again in October and scored 650 on Critical Reading, 600 Math, and 600 on Writing, for a composite SAT test score of 1850. Now with super scoring you can poach your best section scores from each SAT Test date to create a beautiful Frankenstein test. In this case your Super Score composite would be 650 on Critical Reading (from the October SAT Test), 650 on Math (from the March SAT Test), and 600 on Writing (from the October SAT Test) for a composite Super Score of 1900. Most schools’ college admissions officers super score your SAT Test results when evaluating your application, a wonderful fact that lets your achievements shine as brightly as possible.

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