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How Teens Use Social Media

Thursday, August 15th, 2013
How Teens are using and effected by Social Media

How Teens are using and effected by Social Media

Social Media has vastly changed the way we communicate.  Whereas, years ago (some might say months ago) we communicated mainly out of necessity.  But, with the advent of social media and the ease in which we can now communicate with the entire world openly and freely through tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ask.FM, LinkedIn, Vine, Youtube, and many many more that desire to communicate is driven mainly by convenience. (more…)

Planning for the Year Ahead

Sunday, June 9th, 2013
College Calendar

Yearly Calendar

June is here, and another academic year approaches the all-too-familiar frenzied climax.  Whether student or teacher, expert or novice, STOP.  BREATHE…ONE FULL BREATH.  Turn around on your timeline to face the past.  You made it.  Congratulate yourself, knowing there’s always more to come.

Snap back to now.  On deck we have: any and all finals, APs, SAT Subject Tests, potential SAT and/or ACT retakes.

Let’s start with seniors and work earlier chronologically:

SENIORS!  Those finals won’t get good marks by themselves.  No compromise to diligence here; see your final game through.  The victory lap will be that much sweeter.  As you do so, please remember those who helped you get here.  Celebrate the success together. (more…)

Steps to Integrating SAT II Subject Test Prep with Studying for Finals

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
SAT Sunject Test

SAT Sunject Test

  • Choose to take the SAT Subject Tests in June, rather than March, May, or next year.
  • When you’re choosing which SAT II subject tests to take, choose whichever tests overlap most with the classes you do best in. Whether that’s math, one of the sciences, history, a language, or literature, choose the tests that line up with your best subjects.
  • Make subject test prep part of how you study for finals. Note where the two overlap, and where they don’t—look at the bigger picture of how all the material fits together.
  • Make finals prep part of how you study for subject tests.
  • Do every question you can get your hands on…and then some. Take questions from both your class materials and your subject test prep. Subject tests are very content-based (as opposed to the SAT I). The more you see, the more you learn, and the less surprised you’ll be on test day.