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Do I Need a Tutor?

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Teenage boy using personal computerYes. Yes you do. At some point in your college career you will hit the academic wall, be it via essays, research papers or a problem set that’s giving you more problems than you need right now. The liberal arts education is supposed to push you into unchartered territory and force you out of your one or two subject comfort zones. Ultimately, there should be no sense of impending dignity loss in asking for help.

I took a science credit my first semester of freshman year, which actually turned out to be hardcore math. I had been hoping to prolong my math distributional requirement until they (“the man”) forced me to take it. But my Breakfast Club-esque attitude to calculus was broken by deceptive course content propaganda. Needless to say, I found myself in a bit of a pickle with all of these numbers strewn about the page. Bob, Sarah and Duncan were trying to navigate there way around town because Google Maps had conveniently stopped working. The question was slightly different to that, but you get the gist: math characters asking me to calculate something. (more…)

How to Find an Academic Tutor

Monday, July 22nd, 2013


Tutoring for College

College Tutoring

Tutors.  Ever thought you might need one?  You definitely deserve a round of applause in recognizing that in certain subjects you might need help.  So what’s the holdup?  For most people it is not knowing how to go about finding a good academic tutor.  But not you!  Panic loves to wedge itself in here to stilt your clarity of process.  Boldly refuse it access to your decision.  Engage yourself calmly by willingly tossing your ego aside.  Then run through the 4 questions you should ask yourself when deciding if you need an academic tutor:

  • Simplify it.  Why are you hiring a tutor?
  • What are my goals for this endeavor, and are they realistic?
  • Where do I begin to find candidates?
  • How do I decide on the right fit? (more…)

Do I Need a Tutor?

Friday, December 7th, 2012
College Tutor

Student and Tutor

Over the past several decades the popularity of tutoring has skyrocketed, and what once seemed like a luxury is now looking increasingly like a necessity. Particularly in competitive, high-achieving areas like New York, it’s almost the new normal. There are any number of subjects in which tutoring is common, but the greatest growth has been in the area of standardized testing. From seventh graders preparing for the SHSAT or ISEE, through high school juniors studying for the SAT and ACT, all the way up to college graduates taking the LSAT and the MCAT, more and more people are finding that tutoring is a good choice for them. (more…)