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Choosing a College

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

College girls

Every college admissions representative talks about ‘fit.’ To be honest I struggle to understand what this means. As far as I am aware colleges admit as diversely as they are able to… So what does it mean to be a good fit for a college? Is there a small liberal arts college prototype? Do you have the Harvard look? (more…)

Choosing a Law School

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

What law school should I attend? Is there a difference?

Law School

Law School

For many people, the landscape of career opportunities after graduating from college is confusing, large, and overwhelming. Many find that they need more training and specialization even if they don’t quite know the field of work they ultimately see themselves working in. A law degree is an amazingly powerful, flexible, and rigorous choice of study that often rewards someone greatly over his or her life.

Choosing what law schools to attend is a difficult choice, and ultimately comes down to a numbers of factors.  Although it may seem like each law school is alike in the course of study, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Just like colleges, law schools have specialties and areas of focus.  For instance, the Yale School of Law is renowned for its legal scholarship and many graduates go onto to clerk for judges and teach law themselves.  New York University’s law school is known for its international approach and many graduates find themselves working overseas or on transnational legal issues.

Similarly to colleges, reputation is a big part of what makes a law school appealing.  According the most recent rankings in US News, the top ten rated law schools in order are: Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, New York University, UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and University of Michigan.  While these are all amazing and desirable law schools they are certainly not the only ones out there.  Specifically in New York City, in addition to Columbia and NYU, Fordham, Brooklyn Law, and Cardozo all offer top- flight legal educations.

When it comes down to choosing a law school research hard, find the focus of the schools you are interested in, and then study hard for your LSATS.  Reach as high as you can, but always remember that a wonderful legal education waits for you no matter what.

Finding the Right College

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

How do I find the college that’s the best fit for me? How do I know when I’ve found it?

College Admissions is a daunting process.  All of the test taking, application writing, transcript sending, and recommendation culling can feel overwhelming.  Parents and Students can begin to part of an arbitrary machine and alienated from the essence of the college admissions process – finding the best college for you or your child to spend the next four years.

The first thing to remember in the college admissions process is that there is no singular college for you.  The U.S. is blessed to have so may top flight schools, so many of which contain exactly what you are looking for. Don’t get trapped in the mindset that there is only one place for you.  Be open minded.

The second thing to know is that there is no substitute for actually visiting schools in the college admissions process.  Actually being on campus, sitting in on classes, and spending time in the library or local coffee shop gives you an invariably deeper sense of the school as a potential home. Visiting a school allows you to check in with your gut and know if this is a place you could see yourself or your child attending.

Talk to students.  Although many people in the college admissions office and through the college admissions process will be able to give you valuable advice about a school, no group is a better litmus test than actual students.  The perspective of people currently enrolled provides invaluable evidence of what the “on the ground” perspective of peers is.  Listen carefully and think wisely.

Lastly, have fun! College is amazing. You are about to enter four of the most exciting years of your life and you should feel thrilled.  Allow yourself to be a kid in a candy shop and imagine your ideal future!