How the June 6 SAT Mistake Affects Your Score

Test TakingWhat’s happening with the June 6th SAT? Everybody is going crazy with questions! Do my scores count? When will I get my scores? What’s actually happened? Who does this affect?


I’m going to attempt to clarify the slightly unusual situation that has sent many students into meltdown! Ok, so a printing error occurred on the SAT test that was administered in the United States on the 6th of June. What implications does this have for you? The College Board and ETS have decided that the last section of Math and Reading will not be scored, so your score will be calculated on the first two sections. But, the College Board insists that these scores will still be reliable.

I’m not sure if I agree with this. If they aren’t scoring the last reading and math sections, it could make or break your score. On the one hand, it could work in your favor if you nailed the first two sections and did slightly poorer on the disqualified section, as this performance drop would not be reflected in your score. On the other hand the reverse is also true. If you didn’t perform as well on the first or second section (or both) and really excelled in the final section to push yourself into your target score range, your result will not reflect this and your effort would be for naught! Is this really fair?

The College Board are making the assumption that students perform equally well across each section of the test. Perhaps this is true on a degree of difficulty perspective, but consistent performance and focus are not always a reality. It is human nature that our focus fluctuates and even more so in high pressure situations like tests.

The good news is that your scores are expected to be delivered in the usual time frame and colleges and universities will know that these scores are still valid. Also, do not panic if you took the SAT on the 7th of June, or any subject test that was offered that day, as your tests have not been affected.

Will the College Board overflow with SAT re-sits in October? Probably. If your test is affected, think about how you did in the final sections of Math and Reading and also about the grading curves (perhaps they will be a lot steeper since the volume of questions will be reduced by a third). You may want to consider sitting the SAT again in October to ensure you get the score that you deserve and have worked for. (Think of all the extra revision and test prep you can fit in between now and October – you’ll fly through the test!)

If you are considering a re-sit, then book it immediately as registration has already opened and the issue with the June 6th test will almost definitely drive more people to re-sit. By acting quickly you can ensure that you have a seat at a test center you like and send the scores you deserve to your colleges and universities.

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