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Making the Most of College Summers

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

200068708-001My first year of college was drawing to an end and suddenly everyone started freaking out about the summer plans they felt they had to make. Internships and volunteering opportunities glossed every inbox, and every face was etched with panic at both the sheer lack of fellowships available and the increasingly competitive pool of applicants for them. Struggle buses began colliding all over the library until the average blood pressure of the student body reached breaking point.

I stood – a lone island amidst a chaotic wave of stress – and found myself submitting to the same pressure.  I couldn’t help it.  All I heard were conversations that included snippets like, “He’s off to Google”, and “She’s off to intern for a lawyer firm in the city”, and meanwhile I’m half way through season six of 30 Rock without so much as an email sent. Maybe even worse, I managed to get through to season six that same day. (more…)