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How to Tutor Children

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Tutoring for CollegeMy time spent tutoring elementary school students created some of the most rewarding moments of my life. It was also occasionally very difficult and fraught with challenges: how do I convey this idea to a child? How can I appear approachable enough for the child to ask for help? Why hasn’t Jimmy stopped picking his nose for the last half hour? (more…)

SAT II Literature Subject Test

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
writing in a notebook

Female writing in a notebook

Whats the deal with Lit?

Without a doubt the Literature SAT-II is the most popular of the dreaded SAT-IIs. With good reason, this is the least feared of the subject tests. The argument is not that this test proves easier than the others, but certainly less classroom-acquired knowledge is necessary to bring to the table for the Literature test then, say, the Math-II, Biology or French tests. It is the one subject test that does not specifically draw upon material taught through the high school curriculum. You read a passage (poems, letters, fables, excerpts from a play script, speeches, etc) and then you answer questions about what you just read.  There are no formulas to remember, nor do you have to draw upon texts read previously in school.  (more…)

Middle School Students and the SHSAT

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

NYC Middle School Student and SHSAT

Raising a NYC Middle School Student? Stay in the know about the SHSAT!

Raising kids in NYC is no easy task, and as all New Yorkers know, where your student goes to school makes all the difference. Thankfully, New York City has some of the country’s top public high schools, however it’s no easy game to get your student into one of them. These high schools are the city’s Specialized High Schools, and they have their own standardized test to rank students for admission: the SHSAT.

What is the SHSAT?

The SHSAT or Specialized High School Admissions Test is the test administered to eighth and ninth grade students in NYC to determine admission into 8 of the 9 city’s Specialized High Schools. Admission into the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts is determined by an audition. The SHSAT is created and scored by the American Guidance Service. It is currently (legally) the ONLY determinant for admission into the Specialized High Schools. (more…)

The SAT II Subject Tests

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

SAT Subject TestsWhich SAT II exam should I take?  When should I take it?

Of all the crazy making parts of the SAT Process that exist outside of the test itself, none can be more stress inducing that the decision making about the SAT II exams.

The SAT Subject Tests are a group of tests in different academic disciplines. The College Board currently administers exams in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics Chinese, Literature, U.S. History, World History, French, German, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin and Spanish. (more…)

Guessing on The SAT

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Sat Exam

College Sat Exam

When is guessing a good idea on the SAT Test?

The SAT is a very tiring and lengthy exam. At times, when you take the SAT exam you will be unsure which answer choice to select or how to even approach a problem..  These are critical moments in your test taking and it integral to your success on the SAT test that you have a clear guessing strategy.

On the SAT exam you are awarded one point for each correct answer, deducted a quarter of a point for each incorrect answer, and neither awarded nor deducted points for leaving a question blank. So, basically, it really matters when you choose to answer questions on the SAT and how you come to that decisions. If you make wild guesses on questions on the SAT when you have no idea of the answer you seriously jeopardize your score. (more…)