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First Days of the Semester

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
College girls

Students First Day

I pull up to the gate where I’ll be spending the next four years. As I turn the engine off an armada of students bearing college colors swarm the vehicle. In seconds all four doors and the boot are open and my stuff is being carried off. The thieves are smiling at me and shaking my hand as I try to gauge the situation. This is probably the most polite robbery I’ll ever experience. Then it clicks that they’re actually taking my stuff to my room and I can call off the police who are already on their way.

The first few days of college can be a lot like this. Not robbery per se, but a series of overwhelming encounters with thousands of new people, new college traditions, and, if you happen to be international like myself, a whole new culture to acquaint yourself with. Contrary to the above paragraph, moving in is generally a fairly relaxed process. People tend to lend their hands to their roommates and it’s the first time you’ll officially be meeting your new class. Settling down, however, can be a pain if you aren’t prepared.

Bringing the essentials with you is rule number one. Toiletries, laptop, writing materials and the extended director’s edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy are obvious and you probably already brought them with you. Figuring out your class schedule and buying the right books are another issue. Take time to discover which classes appeal to you most. DO NOT buy all your textbooks before arriving! If you walk into the classroom and the professor isn’t great/the workload is ridiculous/the final exam is 60% of the grade, it may not be the class for you. Try before you buy when it comes to class selection.

Attending any and all orientation events is also really useful. Not only may there be information on numbers to call for various emergencies (such as losing a room key at four in the morning which happens more often than you’d think) to contacting the student finance office, orientation is there to help you look after yourself in the best way.

Of course the main purpose of the first few days is to get you as acquainted as possible with how your college does things. But this is also the time when friendships are formed for life. Try not to tempt yourself into taking an extra few hours to sleep in and instead get out there and meet some incredibly diverse people. Sign up to a bunch of extracurricular activities you’ve never tried before and see if they’re for you. Measure the success of your first few days by how many people you’ve met and how cluttered your inbox is with bizarre extracurriculars.

The point is to really make the best use of your time over the first few weeks. They are the foundations on which your entire college career will be built. Meet people and try new things. You can’t go wrong.

How Teens Use Social Media

Thursday, August 15th, 2013
How Teens are using and effected by Social Media

How Teens are using and effected by Social Media

Social Media has vastly changed the way we communicate.  Whereas, years ago (some might say months ago) we communicated mainly out of necessity.  But, with the advent of social media and the ease in which we can now communicate with the entire world openly and freely through tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ask.FM, LinkedIn, Vine, Youtube, and many many more that desire to communicate is driven mainly by convenience. (more…)

SAT II Literature Subject Test

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
writing in a notebook

Female writing in a notebook

Whats the deal with Lit?

Without a doubt the Literature SAT-II is the most popular of the dreaded SAT-IIs. With good reason, this is the least feared of the subject tests. The argument is not that this test proves easier than the others, but certainly less classroom-acquired knowledge is necessary to bring to the table for the Literature test then, say, the Math-II, Biology or French tests. It is the one subject test that does not specifically draw upon material taught through the high school curriculum. You read a passage (poems, letters, fables, excerpts from a play script, speeches, etc) and then you answer questions about what you just read.  There are no formulas to remember, nor do you have to draw upon texts read previously in school.  (more…)

Middle School Students and the SHSAT

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

NYC Middle School Student and SHSAT

Raising a NYC Middle School Student? Stay in the know about the SHSAT!

Raising kids in NYC is no easy task, and as all New Yorkers know, where your student goes to school makes all the difference. Thankfully, New York City has some of the country’s top public high schools, however it’s no easy game to get your student into one of them. These high schools are the city’s Specialized High Schools, and they have their own standardized test to rank students for admission: the SHSAT.

What is the SHSAT?

The SHSAT or Specialized High School Admissions Test is the test administered to eighth and ninth grade students in NYC to determine admission into 8 of the 9 city’s Specialized High Schools. Admission into the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts is determined by an audition. The SHSAT is created and scored by the American Guidance Service. It is currently (legally) the ONLY determinant for admission into the Specialized High Schools. (more…)

Should I Take the SAT Again?

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Exams via Flickr: Alex France

How much is too much? When it comes to the SAT, it’s a question that a lot of students (and their parents) wonder about. Few people just take the test only once; most take it several times, but how many times is too many? If twice, or three times, is good, wouldn’t four, five, or six times be even better? Well…probably not. A couple of factors come into play when you’re deciding how when, and how many times to take the SAT, so here’s a short guide to your testing schedule.

Take it More Than Once

Would it be great if you could just take the test once, and be finished? Of course it would. I mean…that would be great. That does occasionally happen, but unless you get a near-perfect score the first go-round, it’s smart to try again. Why? (more…)