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How the June 6 SAT Mistake Affects Your Score

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Test TakingWhat’s happening with the June 6th SAT? Everybody is going crazy with questions! Do my scores count? When will I get my scores? What’s actually happened? Who does this affect?


I’m going to attempt to clarify the slightly unusual situation that has sent many students into meltdown! Ok, so a printing error occurred on the SAT test that was administered in the United States on the 6th of June. What implications does this have for you? The College Board and ETS have decided that the last section of Math and Reading will not be scored, so your score will be calculated on the first two sections. But, the College Board insists that these scores will still be reliable. (more…)

Changes in The SAT Exam

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Father Daughter graduationOverview

The most important thing to keep in mind when researching and preparing for the new SAT Test is that you can definitely succeed even though the parameters have changed.  The SAT Test itself will be no more difficult than the previous SAT version, and although it seems like there are some big changes, many of the same study and preparation techniques will help you score your best.

Starting in 2016, high school students taking the SAT will have more options: (more…)

The Three Most Important Actions for a Second-Semester High School Junior

Thursday, February 20th, 2014


1. Take an official standardized test.  I mean, either the SAT or the ACT.
2. Apply to at least one scholarship.
3. Attend a summer conference/program/internship or get a summer job.

That’s it.  If you’re a high school junior in your second semester there are probably lots of other things for you to worry about like grades, athletics, your AP exams, etc. but make sure to DO these three things.

You can daydream and putz about college campuses all you want.  That can even be good; I’m not knocking it.  But I’m not giving you a list of things to think about; I’m giving you actionable items.  Frankly, who cares how you do them?  Just do them. (more…)

Planning for the Year Ahead

Sunday, June 9th, 2013
College Calendar

Yearly Calendar

June is here, and another academic year approaches the all-too-familiar frenzied climax.  Whether student or teacher, expert or novice, STOP.  BREATHE…ONE FULL BREATH.  Turn around on your timeline to face the past.  You made it.  Congratulate yourself, knowing there’s always more to come.

Snap back to now.  On deck we have: any and all finals, APs, SAT Subject Tests, potential SAT and/or ACT retakes.

Let’s start with seniors and work earlier chronologically:

SENIORS!  Those finals won’t get good marks by themselves.  No compromise to diligence here; see your final game through.  The victory lap will be that much sweeter.  As you do so, please remember those who helped you get here.  Celebrate the success together. (more…)

SAT II Literature Subject Test

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013
writing in a notebook

Female writing in a notebook

Whats the deal with Lit?

Without a doubt the Literature SAT-II is the most popular of the dreaded SAT-IIs. With good reason, this is the least feared of the subject tests. The argument is not that this test proves easier than the others, but certainly less classroom-acquired knowledge is necessary to bring to the table for the Literature test then, say, the Math-II, Biology or French tests. It is the one subject test that does not specifically draw upon material taught through the high school curriculum. You read a passage (poems, letters, fables, excerpts from a play script, speeches, etc) and then you answer questions about what you just read.  There are no formulas to remember, nor do you have to draw upon texts read previously in school.  (more…)