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What to do the Days of the Bar Exam

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Are there any tricks of the trade for the days of the NYS Bar Exam? What final things can I do?

This is it! The day you’ve waited so long for is finally here!! Here is some useful and practical advice to get you to the finish line of the NYS Bar Exam.  You’ve come so far and worked so hard; there isn’t a moment to lose or let up at this critical juncture.

On the days of the New York State Bar Exam, you should try to wake up refreshed from a solid night’s sleep.  Make sure you get to bed early the night before and sleep long enough to get  true rest. Also, don’t eat a heavy breakfast that day, as it might slow you down; just have enough to get you going at optimal seed to take the Bar Exam. If you normally hit the gym, you should try to fit in a quick workout or walk to the NY Bar Exam test site. This will help you to clear your mind and get your adrenaline flowing.

Remember, the NY Bar Exam is anxiety producing in most, if not all, candidates, and the larger the test site, the greater the anxiety it provokes. For those taking the Bar exam in a fairly quiet locale, consider yourselves among the lucky; for those who end up at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, be sure to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site ahead of time. When you actually arrive to take the Bar exam, it will be crowded, confusing, and you might feel overwhelmed for a brief moment. This is all normal: you have been working towards this day for over three years and its arrival might be daunting. Instead of giving into this anxiety, try to revel in the moment: you’ve worked so hard and very few lucky people make it to take the NYS Bar exam.

Lastly, when you leave the NY Bar exam, no matter how your day went, let it go. What’s done is done and you have a long wait ahead for your Bar results. If you start second guessing now, you will have some painful time ahead of you as you anticipate  the worst. In between the two days of the Bar exam, eat well and rest up but don’t spend too much time studying.  If you’ve prepared well up to this point, you’ll be fine for the Bar Exam; instead, focus on relaxing and clearing your weary brain. After all, it has served you well, and it deserves a break.