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Electing to Attend Law School

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Deciding on a graduate degree is a daunting task. In the ultra competitive job market of 2011 many people find that after a college degree is not sufficient for the level of work and compensation that they are seeking. Graduate degrees (Law School included) offer a focused training and provide the expertise that yield upper level job opportunities. However, the very process of narrowing one’s focus can be anxiety producing for someone who feels that their strengths could be suited to multiple opportunities.

If you feel like this describes you, a Law Degree may be just the answer. The study of Law both provides the training for multiple career avenues and renders you extremely hire-able in the short term. If you are interested in Public Policy, Management, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics (and the list goes on) a Law degree can open up doors, and provide you with the critical thinking training to excel. If you go to law school, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will end up a lawyer; however, that is also always an option for you.

In addition to the professional benefits of the degree, law school is a wonderful training ground for the mind. The fundamentals of argument, critical analysis, ethics and assessment make up the core of the law education. However, Law School and the rigorous, black and white admissions process that accompanies it are not for everyone.

Entry into Law School is a numbers game as candidates are judged heavily on their score on the LSAT. Once admitted, students are ranked in their law class according to grades which are almost solely based upon students’ performance on comprehensive final exams. All of this is even before facing the Bar Exam. If this kind of educational atmosphere gives you nightmares, then Law School may not be the road for you. As in any education and professional path, fit is not universal, and you should be honest with yourself before you even attempt the law school application process.

What to do the Week of the BAR Exam

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

What are the dos and don’ts in the week leading up to the NYS Bar Exam?

studying for the bar exam

The week you take the New York Bar Exam is a stressful one indeed. You have spent years in school, months studying, and this one exam is all that stands in the way of your career taking off. Here are a few pointers to help make it a little more relaxed.

First, you should plan on staying at a location close to your NY Bar Exam test site. A hotel is ideal since it offers privacy and quiet, but anywhere close to the New York Bar Exam site will do. Also, you should plan on arriving the day before the bar exam (Monday) as that will give you time to settle in and mentally prepare for the daunting task ahead.

Next, you should resist the temptation to bring Bar Exam study materials with you; however, if you simply cannot live without them, I would suggest only a list of New York law distinctions or some MBE questions. Don’t cart all your NY Bar Exam study materials with you: you won’t need them and chances are all that extra baggage will only create added anxiety.

Most importantly, in between Bar exam days you should try to relax and get plenty of rest. Make a point of eating a satisfying meal alone or with company that doesn’t care to discuss the Bar Exam. Don’t stay out too late or have too much fun in the day between the Bar exams, as there is still work to be done. After the second day of the Multistate Bar Exam, if you are not taking the Bar exam in a second state, you should celebrate your accomplishment in whatever way you see fit.  Cheers to you for a job well done!!