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ISEE Test Prep Tips

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
ISEE exam

ISEE exam

As New York City schools get more and more competitive, the pressure to do well on tests like the ISEE (Independent Schools Entrance Exam) keeps rising. While preparing for the SAT and ACT is, if not easy, at least relatively straightforward, preparing for the ISEE is not. There isn’t a ton of materials available, schools don’t publish the scores of their incoming classes, and it is impossible to compute the exact score that you get on any given practice test anyway, since the ERB (Educational Records Bureau—the test makers) doesn’t disclose the algorithm they use for converting raw scores into “scaline” scores, which are essentially percentiles. On top of that, you can only take the ISEE twice in a year (once every six months), and you can only take it if you are actually applying to one or more schools.

That’s a lot of mystery to have swirling around an admissions test…but fear not. Here are some tips to help you prep for the ISEE:


What is the ISEE Exam?

Friday, September 14th, 2012


In a recent post, we addressed the SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test), and today we’ll talk about another test used by schools in their admissions process: the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam).

The ISEE exam is a tool for independent schools (and some select public schools) throughout the country. The ISEE exam was developed about twenty years ago by the ERB (the Educational Records Bureau), and has become very popular—most independent day schools use the ISEE in their admissions process, and as a result, the ISEE, and ISEE test prep, has become a pretty big deal for many middle school students and their parents. Kids and parents want to know: what is the ISEE? How do I prepare for the ISEE? What is a good score on the ISEE? How important is the ISEE in admissions? (more…)