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The Problematic Roommate

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Teenage boy using personal computerSometimes my roommate makes me want to cry. I just can’t. Even. Express. I just get those days where I’m in a bad mood and he (we’ll refer to him as Jarvis for the sake of anonymity) thinks it’s a great idea to test the new iPhone feature of activating Siri from across the room:

Siri, what time is it?’

The time is 7:30. Good morning.’ (more…)

Tips on How to Stretch Your Dollar on Campus

Monday, August 25th, 2014
Saving money at college

Saving money at college

Let’s face it: one of the major struggles of college life is budgeting. For most of us it’s the first time we can live independent of parents scrutinizing our financial choices. It’s the first time we have to rely on ourselves more for being responsible when it comes to spending. I’m not saying you should buy pasta in bulk or get 3 campus jobs. It can help, however, to know how and when costs can be cut to save stressing over the incredibly lonely 5 dollar bill that is all that’s left of your weekly budget on a Tuesday.

Whilst 3 campus jobs is overkill, a singular campus job is a really smart move and provides a regular income around which you can plan going out and having fun that costs money. Colleges often accept students to work in libraries, student-run butteries and house managing student performances. Be sure to apply as soon as you arrive on campus to express interest. If you’re really lucky there may even be a position in the field of work you one day wish to enter, so student job quickly transforms itself into practical professional experience. There may even be some networking opportunities available too.

There is also fun that doesn’t cost money. In fact, free fun for college students is the best kind. Whether you get your kicks out of playing football (see what I did there? No? Never mind…) or Game of Thrones fan fiction, finding ways to unwind with friends that don’t stretch your wallet are invaluable. Look up nearby trails to walk, cycle or hike on, and there are almost certainly student groups that perform free of charge. Between Improv, A Capella, dance troupes, sports events and a trillion other organizations, it’s basically impossible not to find something you’re really interested in.

Your college may even have subsidized tickets for various events in the local community. Colleges close to New York may have raffles for Broadway shows, for example. Look out for these because they could save you a lot of money. In addition to tickets, there may be ski trips, hiking retreats and such all year round.

In times of great desperation – for example if you’re laptop breaks the day before finals – check with your financial aid office to see if there are any loans available. I would suggest a loan only if it is absolutely necessary because, of course, they have to be paid back. Schools are usually quite lenient on when the loan must be paid though, so if you do find yourself needing some extra funds there’s no pressure to start a full time job while you’re studying.

The student life does come with a few obstacles, money oftentimes being one of them. But managing your finances is a useful skill that will definitely be needed post-graduation. Take advantage of anything your college has on offer and you’ll steer clear of the red. Or is it black? Maybe just avoid both.


Tuesday, July 9th, 2013
College girls

Female students relaxing

Summer is here.  You might find yourself settling into a drift of relaxation.  After all, school is over!  The academic year brought its challenges, and you made it.  Besides, there are still two months to go of sweet “nothingness”,  right?

But wait…listen.

What’s that sound? It’s the clock ticking away toward another September.  As that familiar ticking resonates, another voice is saying to you,


The internal and proverbial GPS.  How easy life would be if you’d always have a reliable path to follow, and problems would be whisked away, solved with a simple “RECALCULATING…”  (more…)

How to Avoid Gaining the Freshman Fifteen, Part I

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Vegetables via Flickr: TheGirlsNY

“The Freshman Fifteen.” It’s a phrase that strikes dread into the hearts of seventeen- and eighteen-year-olds across the nation; a seemingly-unavoidable weight gain that no one is safe from. Here’s some sensible advice on avoiding it.

First of all, don’t freak out about it.

Half of maintaining a healthy weight is what you put into your mouth, yes, but the other half is what goes on in your head (ok, maybe those percentages aren’t exact, but you get the idea). Worrying too much about what you’re eating, and spending too much time obsessing over food and diets is a time-tested way to build an unhealthy relationship with food, which usually leads to unhealthy eating habits, which, regardless of whether they tend towards too much or too little, won’t make you look or feel good. The Freshman Fifteen is not some magical curse that will come upon you, no matter what you do, it’s the very predictable result of putting more cupcakes, pizza, and probably beer into your body than your body can get rid of. If you don’t do that, it won’t happen, and if it does happen, you can undo it with healthier eating habits and by being more active. It’s the whole “calories in/calories burned” math thing, not some horrible environmental side-effect of living in a dorm (though it can sometimes feel that way). (more…)

Healthy Study Tips

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Does eating healthy help me in the admissions and testing process?

Good nutrition

Good nutrition

The short answer to this question is yes.  In the doldrums of Junior year when you are burdened with SAT test prep, college visits, and a mountain of school-work keeping yourself healthy is essential.

Plan your meals regularly.  Be sure to get a good breakfast. Many people find they have little appetite in the morning but its vital to get something in your system.  You will find yourself more awake for first period classes and SAT work.  It also serves to get your metabolism moving.  Be sure that your meals also are filled with fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.  This nutrient and energy rich diet will keep you healthy and energized.

A regular exercise routine is also vital in this time.  Countless studies have shown the positive effect of vigorous physical exercise on mental acuity and SAT Testing.  The short of it is, your mind is sharp when your body is active. You are more engaged and your creative and analytic centers get aided by the rush of endorphins triggered when you exercise.

Exercise and diet both are forms of self-discipline, which is key in this time of your life.  Only by keeping regular habits, and holding yourself accountable can you achieve all that you deserve in your junior year.  Practicing these habits is a significant piece in the larger puzzle of staying on task and pushing ahead. Your focus will be richly rewarded at the other end, when you are accepted to college and able to enjoy the fruits of you labor at the end of senior year.