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How to Score High on the GRE Verbal Section

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

(Part 1: If you have >4 months)

Intro to the GRE Verbal Scale and how it’s used

The GRE is a little different from the SAT or the ACT.  The new scale, from 130-170 in one-point increments (since 2011), is based around the theory that smaller differences in score will be viewed by colleges as what they are: small.  This way, the test-makers reason, people won’t go so nuts.  Of course, ETS would also encourage colleges and universities to not use any score as a “cut-off score…for denying admission.”  These are two points in a five-point “should and should not” list that the test-makers published in what can only be seen as an attempt to control the normative standards surrounding the GRE.   Fortunately or unfortunately, their five “shoulds” are already largely ignored, as seen in point 4: “Test scores should not be added together.” (more…)