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Gap Years

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

PackingBy the end of 12th grade, I wanted to hash out my educational years as quickly as possible so that I could start “real life.” I had had enough of tests, interviews and revealing to admissions officers why their college was my perfect match. Now I am not so sure… (more…)

Benefits of a Gap Year

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Gap Year

The “Gap Year,” as it’s known in Europe, can, for some students, be a shrewd choice.  Able, independent-minded high-schoolers who aren’t sure of what they want to study and who desire to see a little bit of life, can grow a lot by taking time off before college.  For them, the worry that you’ll lost interest in college by seeing more of the world and of “real life” is a silly one.  It becomes even sillier if they have a plan for their gap year.  That means a sort of map for the calendar, a few goals to accomplish.  That means more than just being a grocer’s attendant the whole year (though that can be valuable for 3-4 months, to earn some dough to travel).

In general, if you want to take time off and do something specific, then you probably should.  The experience will give you focus later at college and an appreciation for parts of life that other freshman won’t have.  In fact, it can make you more valuable to colleges; Princeton, Harvard, MIT all encourage taking time off after high school. (more…)