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Finals Week

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

103060359_47Is it just me or do people overreact a little when it comes to final exams? I mean sure they’re important and all, but I’ve seen people take some pretty drastic measures as that joyous time of the year comes around. By all means study for them and try your best, but I’ve found there’s a line between obsessing with perfection and compromising mental health. Whether that’s due to the academic stress culture which is rampant on any college campus or not I can’t say, but I for one will not be cancelling my Netflix subscription over the next 4 weeks. Here are some tips for straddling this notoriously turbulent period of the college calendar: (more…)

The New SAT

Friday, March 20th, 2015


Coming to you in the spring of 2016: it’s new, it’s live, it’s terrifying… SAT returns in a whole new format! Bolt down the doors and stock up on cans of beans. Or don’t. You could probably do neither of those things and be fine taking the new SAT. Something tells me they haven’t gone power mad and decided to create the unattainable exam. What they’re actually doing is making a new model of testing that is more relevant than its predecessors. The new SAT will be an updated, improved version of its ancestors which can only mean good things for college applicants. (more…)

How to Tutor Children

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Tutoring for CollegeMy time spent tutoring elementary school students created some of the most rewarding moments of my life. It was also occasionally very difficult and fraught with challenges: how do I convey this idea to a child? How can I appear approachable enough for the child to ask for help? Why hasn’t Jimmy stopped picking his nose for the last half hour? (more…)

How to Make the Most Out of Your Last Semester of High School

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Colleges do revoke admissions decisions.  That said, it is uncommon.  The high school senior should of course keep up her grades in the last semester, but, honestly, not out of fear of having an admission decision revoked.  Keep up your grades because that’s the kind of character you have and want to foster, not because of some unreasonably placed fear towards admissions counselors.  Avoid senioritis because senioritis is stupid and you aren’t.  Let that be that.

(For parents, actually has a pretty decent article on helping your son or daughter avoid senioritis.) (more…)

How to Prepare for Finals

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
College Calendar

Finals Schedule

First Rule: Don’t procrastinate; avoid cramming.  But since you’ve already broken rule number one (it’s December, after all) then cram, cram, cram.  Effectively, of course.  This assumes that you would have been studying all year, such that you followed a plan something along the lines of reviewing the material at increasingly long intervals.  Say four times throughout the semester:

First, 10-30 minutes after you first learned it in class.

  • Second, a day or two later.
  • Third, a week or two later.
  • Fourth, a week or two before the exam.