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How to Make the Most of College Presentations at Your School

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Find A Presenter You Connect With

college presentationsThe single most important thing to do at a college presentation is to get into an amicable relationship with one of the presenters.  The rationale here is not slimy.  You’re not doing this in order to boost your chances of acceptance, to hob knob with the admissions committee.  These presenters generally are not on the admissions committee and can do little to directly affect your acceptance.  Your grades, standardized test scores, essays, recommendation letters, etc. do that.  The reason you want to become friendly with one of the persons speaking at your college fair is because they know a lot, not only about the college they present, but about all colleges, and about how the admissions process works.  They always have more to say than they present.

(It doesn’t matter if the presenter is from a college you are interested in or not.  What’s more important is that the two of you click.) (more…)