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Choosing the Right Classes

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Girl with stack of booksIt’s the daunting task of every undergraduate at a liberal arts college: selecting a handful of classes from the potential hundreds or thousands that are on offer. There’s no formula for it – and I certainly haven’t got the best strategy – but there are a couple strategies that make the start of the semester a less hectic process. (more…)

How Do I Entertain Myself On/Off Campus?

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Extracurricular-ActivitiesThe day is done. The weekend is looming and pressure mounts to find something fun to do. Try to avoid Friday night laundry and start looking for ways to blow off the steam you’ve accumulated throughout the week.

An easy option is joining a student organization at the start of the year. Debate, a cappella, improv, and model UN are some of thousands of diverse activities run by students that can prove to be the best study breaks. Find something you love and pursue it. Find something you have absolutely no clue about and try that too. Before coming to the states, I’d never really encountered improv comedy and gave it a go on the advice of my suite mate. I auditioned and was recruited despite sleeping through tap night. It’s been one of the most enjoyable and valued experiences I’ve had at college. I’ve met some great people I probably would have never encountered otherwise, and learned some new things about myself too. Ignore the cliché and go try something that terrifies you.

How to Make the Most of College Presentations at Your School

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Find A Presenter You Connect With

college presentationsThe single most important thing to do at a college presentation is to get into an amicable relationship with one of the presenters.  The rationale here is not slimy.  You’re not doing this in order to boost your chances of acceptance, to hob knob with the admissions committee.  These presenters generally are not on the admissions committee and can do little to directly affect your acceptance.  Your grades, standardized test scores, essays, recommendation letters, etc. do that.  The reason you want to become friendly with one of the persons speaking at your college fair is because they know a lot, not only about the college they present, but about all colleges, and about how the admissions process works.  They always have more to say than they present.

(It doesn’t matter if the presenter is from a college you are interested in or not.  What’s more important is that the two of you click.) (more…)

How Many Colleges are Too Many to Apply to?

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
Applying to college

Applying to college

107.  That’s the exact answer to that question; 107 colleges are too many to apply to.  Of course though, this exact answer is unhelpful as you already knew it.  A sarcastic blogger who herself applied to more than a dozen but less than a score back in her (hey?)day, didn’t need to tell you that.  You already knew that 107 colleges are too many to apply to, but the other answer–the inexact answer about how it depends on you and your goals and your precise situation–that answer is so inexact!  And that’s what we college aspirants like to avoid: inexactitude.  What a pickle, what a pickle. (more…)

How to Apply to College

Friday, August 17th, 2012


Applying to college

Applying to college

Applying to college is a daunting task. The first three years of high school are all about preparing for this process, and between the SAT test, ACT test, SAT II Subject Tests, extra-curriculars, sports, AP tests, college visits, and getting that GPA up, those years were no walk in the park. For rising seniors, however, the real challenge is just beginning. Senior fall is one of most challenging semesters in high school, and when applying to college is layered on top of that, things can quickly spin out of control. When it comes to applying for college, therefore, it’s important to have a plan in place, and get started early. (more…)