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What to do the Day Before the Bar exam.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

What can I do in the last 24 hours before the NYS Bar Exam? What’s the best way to spend the final countdown?

The single more important thing you can do on the day before the NYS Bar Exam is to try and rest up. Check into your hotel, or if you are staying with friends or in your own home, treat it as if it were a hotel. Try to shut out the rest of the world as much as possible.

If bar exam preparation can be seen as a marathon, the sprint you will have to take in this final mile is often the most taxing both mentally and physically. Right before the NY Bar Exam, try not to study.  If you did what you were supposed to in the weeks and months leading up to the Bar exam, then your work is done and trying to cram in those last few hours isn’t worth it. You will be in a much better place for the last leg of this race if you take some time to stop and relax.

In the last twenty four hours before the NYS Bar Exam, go for a walk, see a movie or just sit and people watch. Have your favorite meal, as long as it isn’t too spicy — you don’t want anything messing with your delicate pre Bar Exam stomach.

Finally, for those taking the NY State Bar exam at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, try to stop by and scope it out  the day before the bar exam. This site can be particularly overwhelming and just knowing where you are going can lessen that to some degree.  Remember to reward yourself for making it this far and embrace what is to come. You’ve earned the right to sit for this bar exam and that is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. Well done!!