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How to Showcase Your Diversity in Your College Essay

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

200394126-001College campuses are striving to increase the diversity of their classes each year, believing that diversity enhances the multiple perspectives that a liberal arts education develops, as well as expanding knowledge and preparing students for life in a global community.

So what does this mean to you? This information can be used as an advantage in your college application; it is crucial that you demonstrate that you’ll bring something unique to campus and help create a microcosm of our diverse planet. (more…)

Common App Essay Tips

Friday, May 29th, 2015

App Essay Prompts

What does it mean to “share your story?” The pool of topics for common application essays is vast, but with this freedom comes the terrifying sense of getting the topic wrong or not communicating that urgent aspect of yourself that you meant to. College supplements often asks applicants to write about their strengths, their weaknesses, their suitability to college life and so forth. It all gets a bit hoop-jumpy, but that’s not to say you can’t write something meaningful or important to you, even when the prompts begin to blur and it feels like you’re having to write the same essay over and over.


The Essential College Packing Checklist

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Girl with stack of booksIn the writing of this blog post I have endeavored to ascertain every want, need and arbitrary desire that could be thought of by a soon-to-be college student on the cusp of leaving home for the first days of college. I have examined weather, cultural particularities and anticipated hobbies to provide the most comprehensive checklist ever. Perhaps I exaggerate slightly… (more…)

College Essay Tips

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

103060359_47Timmy is ready to write his college essay.  He switches on his laptop, loads a fresh digital Word document, inhales with the anticipation of being hit with an idea, and pauses… Nothing. That’s fine. He waits a little longer, tries closing his eyes; maybe the right topic will just jump out at him… Still nothing. YouTube begins to look friendly. And so the procrastination begins… (more…)

What Not to Write About in your College Essay, Part II

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012
Admissions Essay

Admissions Essay

In a previous blog post we talked about some things that you should avoid in your college essay, these are things that you may be tempted to write about, but that for different reasons does not make a good topic for this essay, you can save some of these topics for self discovery papers that you are bound to write in English 101.  Here are a few more topics that we recommend you avoid in your admissions essay.

Sob Stories

Many people, teenagers included, have had tragic things happen in their lives that have changed the way they see the world, and influenced the way they choose to live. Students who have experienced tragedies often really want to use them as the topic of their college essays, but essays that deal with tragedies are very tricky. These essays can work, but be careful, and avoid these traps:

  • The Bid for Sympathy: Essays about tragic events, if they focus too much on the negative, can sometimes seem like sob stories, or bids for pity.
  • The Downer: College admissions officers are plowing through thousands of applications, and reading essay after essay. You want them to feel interested and excited to keep reading, not exhausted and ready to put down your application and reach for the tissues.
  • The Essay that Goes Nowhere: “Here is a terrible that happened to me” is not an essay about you; it’s an essay about the terrible thing. If you write about a difficult time or event, you also need to write about how you dealt with it, and what you learned from the experience. (more…)