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Should I Retake the ACT/SAT Standardized Test?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Sat ExamMost colleges will require some form of standardized testing, but the two most common are the ACT and SAT tests. In short, it really is impossible to say whether your particular scenario requires you to retake the test or to move on and work on other parts of your application. However, there are indicators to look for when deciding if another few months of test stress are really what you need.

Use Your Practice Scores as a Baseline

The simplest way to ascertain whether or not retaking is wise is to compare your actual score with predicted scores. If you scored a 29 on the day but previous practices put you in the 33-34 range, you may have had an off – day and retaking would most likely boost your score. If you scored a 32 and have generally been scoring 33’s, it may not be the best use of time to study for the test all over again. (more…)

Standardized Testing in 2013: SAT vs. ACT

Monday, October 28th, 2013

PSAT and SAT Testing

The PSAT has passed, and Twitter is all a-flutter with recounts of passages regarding a farm animal and a Japanese man (watch it, btw!  Should you disclose any test material, you run the risk of the College Board taking action.  Not good.)  Scores are back in early December.

Meanwhile, the standardized testing process loiters down the pike at a massive fork in the road.  The path to the left will regress you to “diaper math” as you politically correctly reason your way through several sprints, and a somewhat predictable set of steps.  Apparently one can even sail through the essay by practicing some pre-figured formula.  Harumph.  I’d like to think you have more integrity than to engage in THAT scenario, right??… (more…)

Planning for the Year Ahead

Sunday, June 9th, 2013
College Calendar

Yearly Calendar

June is here, and another academic year approaches the all-too-familiar frenzied climax.  Whether student or teacher, expert or novice, STOP.  BREATHE…ONE FULL BREATH.  Turn around on your timeline to face the past.  You made it.  Congratulate yourself, knowing there’s always more to come.

Snap back to now.  On deck we have: any and all finals, APs, SAT Subject Tests, potential SAT and/or ACT retakes.

Let’s start with seniors and work earlier chronologically:

SENIORS!  Those finals won’t get good marks by themselves.  No compromise to diligence here; see your final game through.  The victory lap will be that much sweeter.  As you do so, please remember those who helped you get here.  Celebrate the success together. (more…)

How to Avoid Gaining the Freshman Fifteen, Part II

Sunday, January 13th, 2013


Pizza via Flickr: rob_rob2001

Pizza and Breadsticks: Buyer Beware. Both these things are delicious, but be careful, especially late at night when you’re out with friends or studying into the wee hours. These things are killer, and they are The Freshman Fifteen’s evil henchmen. They will also probably make you feel a little sick if you eat too much of them, especially breadsticks.

Don’t Let a Bad Decision Wreck a Whole Day (or Week). If you and your best friend decide that what you need at midnight is waffles with whipped cream and strawberries from the 24-hour diner, and you wake up the next day feeling remorseful, just put it behind you. Don’t let the next day turn into either a punishing gym marathon or a slippery slope of “well, I already ate that, I might as well have pizza AND breadsticks for lunch and make a day of it.” That happened, it was probably pretty enjoyable, and one meal couldn’t possibly have made an appreciable difference in your weight. That was last night, this is now, so go back to trying to make healthy decisions, just like you did before your midnight breakfast. (more…)

Superscoring and the ACT

Friday, September 28th, 2012

ACT Superscoring

ACT Superscoring

Superscoring on the SAT has been a hot topic for a while now, so by now you probably know that it has nothing to do with just doing super well on the test (although that certainly doesn’t hurt). With superscoring, schools look at your best scores for each section—critical reading, writing, and math—regardless of whether those highest section scores are from the same testing date or not, and add those three best section scores up into a “super score,” which will be higher than any of the actual scores you got on the SAT tests that you took (unless all your highest section scores happened on the same test/test date). (more…)