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New Jersey Test Prep: ACT Overview

Every year, we see more and more students interested in ACT test prep. Though it was once considered an obscure test used primarily by colleges in the South and Midwest, in recent years the ACT’s popularity has skyrocketed.

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NYC (Start time: 10AM)


Brooklyn (Start time: 10AM)


Westchester (Start time: 10AM)


Philadelphia (Start time: 10AM)


New Jersey (Start time: 10AM)


London (Start time: Thursdays at 4PM, Sundays at 11AM)


Brussels (Start time: 10AM or 4PM)


Zurich (Start time: 10AM)







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Northern New Jersey Test Prep: ACT Overview

The ACT is becoming increasingly popular among students in northern NJ, particular those who are seeking an alternative to the SAT. With colleges and universities across the United States widely accepting this test, its popularity is expected to grow even further. For students in northern New Jersey, who are among many talented and academically gifted peers, it is essential to find a way to make their college application stand out from the crowd. Achieving high scores on the ACT is a way that these students can distinguish themselves, and CATES can help through our test prep services.

act test tutoring nycOur expertise in the ACT has allowed us to assist New Jersey students with navigating the test prep process through individual and group classes. Often students ask us whether the ACT or SAT is a better fit for them. Those who find the SAT tricky due to its intentionally confusing language may prefer the ACT. It is a more straightforward test that is rigorous but does not require the critical thinking essential for scoring well on the SAT. Some students also may prefer the ACT as it helps them to stand out from those taking the more popular SAT.

Northern New Jersey ACT Test Prep Classes

Taking the ACT and scoring well can give students a competitive edge as they apply to college. We work with students in northern NJ towns including Tenafly, Cresskill, Alpine, Teaneck, Demarest, Hoboken, and Fort Lee and help to set them up for success on this test. Our ACT test prep services also are available in towns throughout the state. Contact us to plan your path to successful college applications.

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Test Prep Classes

As students begin to think about applying to colleges, the ACT and
ACT Test Prep dominates much of the conversation. Of all the private tutoring services and Test Prep Courses CATES offers, ACT Test
Prep is an integral part.

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