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Welcome to CATES, the premier boutique tutoring service for the modern student.

Led by CEO and Founder Chris Ajemian, CATES academic tutoring team members serve the New York City, Westchester, Philadelphia, and Bay Area regions in the United States, as well as international markets in London, Zurich and Belgium. For over 10 years, our focus has been on standardized test prep, academic tutoring, and both private school admissions and college admissions support. CATES academic programs are based on our time-tested and proven boutique tutoring model. What sets CATES apart from the other top tutoring programs and top test prep services is our uniquely customized approach to delivering high-quality, private, in-home tutoring and test prep services (both private and classroom based). Whether you are a rising junior in Brooklyn, New York, or in an international high school in Europe, or in a university in China, CATES can power your study program and help you reach your academic goals.

Individualized Academic Tutoring

At CATES, we provide a first class customer experience because we recognize that there is no "one size fits all" solution for study plans and tutoring services. Every student has unique needs, unique goals, and unique schedules and learning styles. With CATES, your tutor is a partner in your academic journey, whether that is studying for standardized testing, using academic tutoring to improve your in-class performance, or applying to schools. A good match between tutor and student is crucial to success, and at CATES we take time and pride in finding the right match for you. Learn more »

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CATES offers test prep classes and test prep intensives for students preparing for the SAT I, SAT II Subject Tests, and ACT.

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    Test Prep Program Spotlight

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